If you are always on the hunt for your favorite sweater, jacket, or scarf, and if your wardrobe always seems to be over flooding with clothes that may not fit you well anymore,it’s time to make some changes. A simple, but versatile hanging closet organizer makes the most of your vertical space.  

Remember – one of the tricks of organization is to strategically use your vertical space to provide additional storage and compartments.

Important Tip – Check that your pole is very secured, and add support to make sure it can hold all the additional weight.

If you don’t have a closet in your room, or if you need additional storage space in your room, but have a limited budget… don’t sweat it, just purchase a portable-self standing wardrobe which can be placed in more than one way in a corner or against a wall in your room. Check the wide variety of options in Amazon, Wayfair, and the Container Store.

And don’t forget to find a solution for your shoes. They can take a good amount of space in your closet or home entry area, if you don’t keep them organized.