Home Care Packages

1 yr – Basic Home Service Package

Once per month

5-6 hrs of general cleaning per service


Option to sign agreement for 2 payments of $1,260.00

1 yr – Comprehensive Home Service Package

    2 Bi-monthly (6x per year)

10-12 hours of detailed cleaning per service



Kitchen Details

General Windows

(13-15 inside or tilt-in windows only.)*French windows and doors additional fee


Option to sign agreement for 3 payments of $1,200.00

1 yr – VIP Home Service Package

 4 general services (8hrs) each

2 detailed services (12hrs) each

1 basic garage cleaning (8hrs)


Option to sign agreement for 4 payments of $1,420.00

Payment Center

Get a 5% discount by paying via Zelle Quickpay. To pay us directly use E-mail [email protected]


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