Safeguard your identity and keep your important matters in order. Organizing is not just about the physical property; it’s about everything that needs to be in order, so in case of an emergency you do not have a crisis in your hands. In case of death, your family will be able to take care of things without complications, and as per your wishes.

Although most important and legal documents are created and signed electronically, there are some documents that require for us to keep them in paper, and some need to be stamped in a specific manner. Some of these documents are birth certificates, home deeds, and social security.

After consulting several financial and legal advisors about the proper care and storage of official documents, these are some of the important highlights and recommendations. I also suggest you ask your lawyer, CPA, and financial advisor for additional recomnendations.

There are 3 main documents categories that fall into 3 tiers:

                  Essential life documents                               


Social Security Card



                                   Health Care Proxi

                                   Birth Certificate

Marriage & Divorce Certificates

                                   Car Tittles                            

                                   Home Deed


                  Important References

Have a digital copy of all these documents saved in the “cloud” to avoid issues with misplaced thumb drives external drives, or damaged hard drives.

                                   401K and IRA Statements

                                   Life Insurance

                                   Tax Returns (up to 7 years)

Quick Access (carry these with you)

                 Driver’s License

                 State Id’s

                 Health Insurance Cards


Suggestion for all important documents:

Always have a digital copy of all these documents.

Make sure a key person has the access code or key and knows the location of this one in case of emergency. Keep your important documents in a fireproof safe or a bank deposit box.


Additional Suggestions:

Make sure to have a list of the phone numbers and locations to request duplicates for all important documents; especially if there is a need to request out of state, or out of the country documents.

Keep your CPA, family lawyer, and a key person in your life up to date about all your life changes, your will and your real estate matters.