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Happy Customers

“The four-person crew was personable, professional and hard-working. The results were impressive, especially considering this was their first visit to our home.”

– Keith

Global Family & Home Care has been a “go to” cleaning company for me to use to set up cleaning services for people who are relocated for their jobs from VIP’s to college graduate. Maria and her crew provide professional, thorough, and detailed cleaning service. Maria is someone who takes pride in her company, her workers and in the service she provides. “

-Sandy Bray – Cleaning Coordinator Home Sweet Home 

“Everything was handled very professionally as well as very detailed. Maria was responsive and well organized. Her team came prepared with all the necessary equipment and materials. Made the process very seamless and easy. Post construction is labor intensive and needs to be done to move-in ready standards so our clients can enjoy their new space. The feedback from both of our clients was overwhelmingly positive and gave me the confidence in knowing that I can count on Maria and her team to do the job to the standard we need.”

– Joe T

“My mom needed someone to watch her, drive her, and engage her in activities. Maria and her staff were reliable, professional, caring, and engaging in their care. I felt completely comfortable leaving my mom in their care. They did research recommending activities that would fit with my mom’s physical and emotional mental capabilities.”

– S.R

“Outstanding attention to detail with great care given to organizing and cleaning our home.”

– Juliet

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When it comes to keeping the surfaces around your home clean, one of the most difficult ones to do so is easily your garage floors. Years of exposure to different damaging solutions, including solvents, oils, grease, rust, and paint can cause the appearance of your...

Antibacterial Resistance Threat Requires Detailed Cleaning at Health Facilities 

In March, the CDC warned that Candida Auris – a fungus that is antimicrobial resistance (AR) threat, spread at an alarming rate in US healthcare facilities. To make things worse, there is a very high number of people with resistance to the medication mostly...

Poor Health Can Be The Reflection Of Your Attic

The state of your attic and basement have a big impact on the health of your home and the people who live in it. If it’s not cleaned regularly, cracks and gaps will allow dust and rainwater to get inside. Left alone, that will produce mold colonies, trigger allergies...

Vacation and Business Trip Strategic Tips

Vacation and Business Trip Strategic Tips Everyone loves the joy of traveling, but most people do not enjoy, nor have time, for the packing process.However, these few clever tactics can make it quicker, easier, systematic, and less stressful.1- Pick the right luggage...

The Value and Benefits of Stripping and Waxing Floors

Well maintained floors are an investment, but we often neglect them through daily abuses and lack of maintenance. You should protect your investment. A floor that’s been neglected for too long could end up in a state that’s beyond repair, and the cost of replacing a...

The Importance of Color Coding

A color-coded cleaning system can streamline your workflow, but there are more good reasons for your team to use colors. Color-coded cleaning systems aren’t new, and it is common in a lot of situations. No matter where you are – the U.S., Mexico, Morocco, Japan – stop...