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Happy Customers

“The four-person crew was personable, professional and hard-working. The results were impressive, especially considering this was their first visit to our home.”

– Keith

Global Family & Home Care has been a “go to” cleaning company for me to use to set up cleaning services for people who are relocated for their jobs from VIP’s to college graduate. Maria and her crew provide professional, thorough, and detailed cleaning service. Maria is someone who takes pride in her company, her workers and in the service she provides. “

-Sandy Bray – Cleaning Coordinator Home Sweet Home 

“Everything was handled very professionally as well as very detailed. Maria was responsive and well organized. Her team came prepared with all the necessary equipment and materials. Made the process very seamless and easy. Post construction is labor intensive and needs to be done to move-in ready standards so our clients can enjoy their new space. The feedback from both of our clients was overwhelmingly positive and gave me the confidence in knowing that I can count on Maria and her team to do the job to the standard we need.”

– Joe T

“My mom needed someone to watch her, drive her, and engage her in activities. Maria and her staff were reliable, professional, caring, and engaging in their care. I felt completely comfortable leaving my mom in their care. They did research recommending activities that would fit with my mom’s physical and emotional mental capabilities.”

– S.R

“Outstanding attention to detail with great care given to organizing and cleaning our home.”

– Juliet

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If you’re like most of us, your car is a five-figure investment that you can’t do without. Why leave it outdoors, where it can suffer damage from UV exposure, bird droppings, and tree sap? (And climbing into a scalding-hot vehicle in summertime is no fun.)  Storing it...

How Number of Windows and Bathrooms Affect Commercial Cleaning Costs

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The easiest way to keep any property clean in general is vacuuming it. Get yourself a good vacuum cleaner and clean every corner. Vacuum cleaners also remove the dust from sofas, ottomans, and corners of the floor. After you have cleaned the dust from the entire...