While “small” house is a relative term, we often feel like we are bursting at the seams of the room that we have in our house.  It would not be truthful if I didn’t share that we all not-so-secretly wish that we could live in a bigger house. 

However, In order to best use the space that you have, I’m providing you with some creative solutions for various areas of your house. 

For example, a closet can easily have multiple purpose, or turn into a home office, or a sewing/craft room.

Obviously none of these ideas will be helpful unless you consciously decide to live with functional items, keep the house clear of clutter, and follow some basic organization tips.

I’ll share just a few of the ideas that people do to live in small spaces.

A Surprising Way to Gain More Space for Furniture

One solution to find more space is to take doors off. By taking a door off of the closet you may be able to fit a bed on a wall that wouldn’t normally have fit, since you wouldn’t have been able to open the closet door with the bed there. Perhaps the closet wall space can become a colorful headboard for your bed.

You can also install a pocket door in a very small room to eliminate the swing-out space of a regular door.  

You can also use a large pantry as a home office or a guest room if you use a day bed and a multi-purpose cubicle furniture piece.

A Rarely Considered Source of Space

Place a shelf above any room door.

This is such a simple solution for more storage space!  It’s quick and inexpensive to add a single shelf.  While the shelf is visible from inside the room, it is completely out of sight to those who just walk by the room.


Note: Shelving and baskets are great organizing tools for your laundry room.

Making the Most of Your Space with Shelving

Shelving, baskets and cubicles are key for home organization.  They make space in an economical way. They come in color, different kinds of wood, and shapes. Arranging shelves in a variety of configurations opens storage space for multiple uses; especially if you add things such as double rods.   In addition to clothing, these shelves hold children toys and other items. (Note: make sure that most of the brackets are securely screwed to studs and that you use proper butterflies in areas without studs.


With a small (or non-existent) budget, you can definitely make some small changes to free up some room in your home.