COVID-19 What we know 

 COVID-19 or Coronavirus is new and nobody really knows the total long-lasting effects of the virus. According to the Center for Disease Control – CDC – this virus can survive up to two weeks in hard surfaces, can linger in the air for hours and can travel in the soles of your shoes. Doctors report that individuals infected by Coronavirus may not show symptoms for up to two weeks after infected. We also know that this virus is causing a significant and devastating number of fatalities in our State, around United States and around the world.

What we need to do

It is critical for you to shield yourself with protective equipment, constantly disinfect your environment and practice social distance as much as possible. We need to keep informed about the medical recommendations, eat healthy, boost our immunological system with natural food, and use the necessary resources to minimize risks and stay healthy. Global Family & Home Care is here to assist you.

CLEANING – DISINFECTING – SANITIZING to protect everyone’s health…

Yourself, Your Family, Your Staff, Your Customers


  • Our service starts outside of your property – we clean your entrance areas – and – your exit areas
  • We carefully clean, disinfect and deodorize all vertical and horizontal areas
  • We Wipe – Clean – Disinfect – Steam – Deodorize
  • We cover your walls – furniture – all surfaces – equipment – frames – doors – all hardware – electric outlets- rugs hard floors baseboards – bathrooms – curtains and windows
  • All furniture, equipment, floors, walls, and surfaces are cleaned, disinfected, and waste is properly disposed.
  • Our personal use proper protective equipment (PPE) at all times.
  • We adhere to CDC regulations and recommendations to manage cleaning solutions, discard materials, process waste and constantly disinfect our equipment.

Global Family & Home Care follows ILOSHA regulations for cleaning, disinfecting and reentry decontamination. Our products are EPA and CDC approved.

In addition to CDC approved and EPA registered industrial-strength disinfectants, where needed, we also use Eco-Friendly solutions.

Important Reference Information

We understand your health and safety concerns for the sake of your customers and / or staff.  Get Peace of Mind by utilizing Global Family & Home Care to Sanitize and Deep Clean your business and/or residence.  Take advantage of my Property Managers Bundle Package and / or Discount. Independent resident can use code COVID-19 to take advantage of 10% discount for your service.

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