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Happy Customers

“The four-person crew was personable, professional and hard-working. The results were impressive, especially considering this was their first visit to our home.”

– Keith

Global Family & Home Care has been a “go to” cleaning company for me to use to set up cleaning services for people who are relocated for their jobs from VIP’s to college graduate. Maria and her crew provide professional, thorough, and detailed cleaning service. Maria is someone who takes pride in her company, her workers and in the service she provides. “

-Sandy Bray – Cleaning Coordinator Home Sweet Home 

“Everything was handled very professionally as well as very detailed. Maria was responsive and well organized. Her team came prepared with all the necessary equipment and materials. Made the process very seamless and easy. Post construction is labor intensive and needs to be done to move-in ready standards so our clients can enjoy their new space. The feedback from both of our clients was overwhelmingly positive and gave me the confidence in knowing that I can count on Maria and her team to do the job to the standard we need.”

– Joe T

“My mom needed someone to watch her, drive her, and engage her in activities. Maria and her staff were reliable, professional, caring, and engaging in their care. I felt completely comfortable leaving my mom in their care. They did research recommending activities that would fit with my mom’s physical and emotional mental capabilities.”

– S.R

“Outstanding attention to detail with great care given to organizing and cleaning our home.”

– Juliet

Winter Gear Storage Ideas For A Mess-Free Home

1. Snow Gear Organizer Place hooks at an entrance wall – preferably behind the door where it is a bit inconspicuous. Make sure you have couple of hooks per person in the household, so each person has a hook for mittens, hat & scarf. Now nobody must dig through the...

Cleanliness Impact Your Business Revenue

Cleanliness Impact Your Business Revenue   “Your Business or Office 1st Impression and Cleanliness can be a pitfall and loss of revenue”, explains Maria as she speaks to several of her commercial clients. Looking to increase sales for your retail store? Start with the...

Before you send the Thanksgiving and Christmas party invitations…

Before you send the Thanksgiving and Christmas party invitations… check these cost-saving tips I know this is not at the forefront of your daily routine, or your holiday planning. However, be aware that your toilet paper can affect your holiday budget. Before you send...

Future-Proofing Your Golden Years: Tailored Strategies Beyond Social Security

Future-Proofing Your Golden Years: Tailored Strategies Beyond Social SecurityIn the ever-changing economic landscape, the importance of exploring various paths toward a stable retirement and comprehensive healthcare continues to increase. The growing desire for...

Risers Create Space in Your Cabinets

In my years as an organizer, I can attest to the benefits and difference that risers make in all types of cabinets. In the kitchen, a riser elevates stacks of dishes and creates extra space underneath to slide plates or bowls. It’s a great way to maximize all the...

Planning and Creativity

Planning and Creativity can keep your space organized Rain, snow, leaves, grass, and everyday debris can get dragged into your living spaces. Good news is that if you have a small entrance space, you can have a mudroom to help keep your home cleaner and more...